Emma Andrews, BA, RHN, NPDP

Educator. Trailblazer.

I’ve always loved education. I’m fascinated with learning - especially about health and wellness. This led me to a career in nutrition, and working with global lifestyle brands creating award winning products and world class experiences. Now, I design brand and innovation strategy as a Marketing Consultant, making waves at the intersection of cannabis and natural health.

My goal is to empower you to make more conscious choices by ‘pulling back the curtain’ and exposing you to the up and coming trends, innovation, and emerging science of wellness.

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“I can honestly say I have not met anyone as driven or passionate about their work as Emma. Her enthusiasm and drive is contagious. Working with Emma is an honour, privilege and so much fun.”

- M. Prychidny, former Director of Sales, Vega


Elevated education to feed your curiosity

Know Your Canna-Lingo:
Say This, Not That

Podcast Interview with
Kilter & Mint

Cannabis 101



I advocate for greater wellbeing, longevity and happiness through cannabis, holistic nutrition, movement and mindfulness.

I’m #alwayslearning through the insights and information I get exposed to in my career and personal research.

I work exclusively with brands and companies in the cannabis space. I also speak, educate, and write about cannabis and related wellness topics for local partners and national media. I believe there is a form of cannabis for everyone.

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Outstanding training. Informative, engaging, interactive, and fun. Emma sets the bar high.”

-J. Baker, Product Education Seminar Attendee


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